What would you do if you came home to a flooded kitchen? Expedite the unexpected! Home Angels is the nation’s first restoration contractor combining both plumbing and property damage restoration. Providing a streamlined system to get you back into your home 4 times faster than our competitors. Our one-stop simplified experience will provide leak detection, plumbing, water damage restoration and/or mold removal. Give us a call 24/7!

SERVICES INCLUDE: Leak DetectionPlumbingDrain CleaningWater Damage ServicesMold Remediation, Property Damage Restoration.

SALVAGE: Leak Detection, Plumbing Repair, Flood Cleanup, Mold Removal

We are available 24/7 to take in calls, answer questions, and send out specialized technicians to mitigate any emergency issues. So whether you need help finding a water leak, fixing a plumbing leak, clearing a backed-up drain, water removal, or mold remediation we are here to help. We are a complete solution, and have engineered a system that’s fast and fun. With all the options you have available, we hope that you take an interest in why we are different and strive to better the service industry, creating one simple solution to property damage.  The first 24 hours are crucial in being able to preserve & protect as much of the property & belongings as possible. So whether it’s fixing a plumbing issue, finding a leak, removing water, mold remediation, or flood cleanup, or just have general questions give us a call at (855) 938-2374.

DOCUMENT: Scope the Building Materials that were Unsalvageable

Our goal is to remove stress resulting from the destruction in your home to a fun experience of picking out new tile, cabinetry, paint colors, for what ever needs to be restored. That is the reason we created our own showroom complete with the latest fashion and design. We understand that not every one is an interior designer and that is why we created custom design packages to fit everyone’s style and taste. Our experienced home restoration team will walk you through the design phase of your restoration project, and establish a scheduled time frame for everything to be complete. Whether you called us because of a plumbing issue, or to clean up and restore mold or water damage. We promise to see your project all the way through completion creating an experience in restoring damage unique and one of a kind.

RESTORE: Rebuild Property Damage

As a result of a leak, mold, water damage, or flood there could be some items in your home that we can not salvage. So unlike our competition, we actually put your home back together and that is why our clients call us the Restoration Wingmen™.  45-Days or less is when we hope to have you back in a fully fixed and restored home, and just like a hospital we will work with your insurance company directly providing them with all the necessary documentation for payment of what was completed on the property to get it back to new.

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Simplifying the Process

Home Angels is about simplifying the restoration process, from calamity back to dream home.


Save Money

Whether your home needs water extraction, mold remediation, or flood damage repair, Your Restoration Wingmen use proprietary techniques to mitigate home damage minimizing overall costs.


One-Stop Provider

Home Angels is a one-stop provider of restoration services to make it an easy enjoyable experience for homeowners.

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