4 Helpful Tips for Unclogging Toilets


Clogged toilets are an inevitable occurrence in just about any home or office today. They’re a natural part of the bathroom process, and unfortunately, happen to all of us. Though it isn’t exactly a “sexy” topic to talk about, it’s a reality for everyone, which is why we want to provide 4 helpful tips for unclogging the toilets in your future.



This should be the first tool you turn to for unclogging your toilet. It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it’s still a helpful one for clogged drains. Be sure to invest in a quality plunger at your home with a strong seal. The seal, once put into place, is what creates the strong suction. The suction is the motion that will dislodge whatever it is that’s preventing your toilet bowl from draining properly.



This is an interesting trick not many people know about. These two natural cooking ingredients are actually more effective and safer on your toilet than using chemical compounds sold in stores. To use them, simply heat a pot of water until it just starts to boil, and take it off the burner to let it cool. While that’s cooling, pour one cup of baking soda into the clogged toilet, followed immediately by two cups of vinegar. Once that’s settled, add the hot water without, obviously, overflowing the bowl. Walk away for a few hours and let the chemicals do their thing.



Soap is a pretty powerful compound on its own, making it a viable unclogging alternative. Simply squirt a decent amount of liquid soap into the toilet, and like the vinegar method, pour hot water over the soap into the toilet. To help force the soap down the drain, pour the water from a foot or two above the toilet. Stop before the bowl overflows. Walk away for a few hours, and let the soap work its magic.



Though these are all incredibly helpful unclogging tips, many times, they may not be enough to fix the blockage. If you are unable to safely unclog the toilet yourself, it’s time to call us for dispatching a plumber. It is way more costly to accidentally break your toilet, the plumbing lines, and soil the bathroom tiles than it is to have a plumber quickly and effectively clean out your plumbing system.



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