hot-water-heater-leakHot Water Heater Leak

Hot water heaters which rarely require routine maintenance can be easily overlooked by homeowners. They are reservoirs of water that use a heating element (whether gas hot water heater, electric water heater, or oil water heater) to keep the water inside at a hot temperature and always available for use. But a small leak in a water heaters system may rapidly cause substantial destruction if not properly resolved whenever identified. A complete hot water heater failure can create a very large flood, due to the sheer volume of water held in the reservoir at any given moment. So what happens when you find a hot water heater leak inside your hot water heating unit?

Initial step is to locate the leak.

If you discover a pool of water below or even around your hot water heater, begin by examining the heater and its fixtures for obvious indicators of a leak. If no leak is evident in the water heater or its plumbing, clean up the pool of water and place a cloth or paper towels down. Re-inspect to find out if the moisture returns.  The following day if you find water in the exact same area follow the rest of the steps to figure out the problem.

leaking-hot-water-heaterWater Heater Leak Inspection:

Step 1:

Flip off the power source of the water heater.

Step 2:

Flip off the water source.

Step 3:

Diagnose the leak.


Generally there are a couple of areas that are generally the source associated with a water heater leak you should check:

  1. The cold water inlet and hot water outlet connections.
  2. The temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P valve).
  3. The water heater drain valve.
  4. The bottom of your hot water tank.

After you have determined that there is a leak in the hot water heater, you will either have to fix your water heater, or perhaps replace it. In both cases, it is highly recommended that you call a qualified local plumber to deal with the problem. Improper repairs or removal of a water heater can trigger greater leaks as well as floods, resulting in a much more serious problem. A professional plumber will certainly always be able to take care of any kind of issue your water heater has. Home Angels qualified plumbing technicians will come out to your house, day or night to take professional care of your leaking hot water heater or any other severe plumbing or water damage caused by it.

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