Having tree roots in sewer drain pipes is probably one of the most expensive and damaging natural occurrences that can happen to a home plumbing system. When this happens, the roots naturally block the underground system, causing blockages at first, and then a total system shutdown by the end.


Why Tree Roots are Attracted to Sewer Systems

It’s natural for tree roots to be attracted to plumbing systems, especially old ones. Tree roots are able to grow an extended amount to reach any source of water they can sense. When plumbing pipes are either old or not insulated properly, they give off water vapor that in turn attracts tree roots. Once the tree detects the water, it will stop at nothing to get to the source for feeding itself. If the tree is left to go about its natural course for obtaining the water, the roots will eventually break into the system, filling the pipes with blockages until they catch all the toilet paper, oil, grease, fats, grit, and any other debris that pass through the structure.


How to Know Tree Roots Have Infiltrated

It’s not exactly easy to know if tree roots are tampering with your plumbing system, but a great indicator is the start of slowly flowing drains. The best indicator is to watch for slowly flowing drains specifically in the toilet bowl. If you start to hear a gurgling noise from your toilet that means it’s a laborious process for it to drain each time. Since this could indicate an early tree root stage, it is highly recommended you give us a call for an assessment before it turns into an incredibly expensive undertaking.


Tip: The likelihood of you having a tree root problem is exponentially higher with an old home.


Tree Root Blockages

If you don’t identify the tree root problem in time, the next part of the infiltrating process will be full-on blockages in your sewer system. If you start to experience frequent clogged pipe problems, the source of the blockage could be more than superficial. In this case, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry, and give us a call to come assess the source. If extreme damage befalls your piping system, it is going to be a major project reestablishing the lines.


Tree Root Removal

Fortunately, we have the technology to nip the source of the tree root problem once we come to assess the situation. We are able to remove the roots using an auger, high-pressure flusher, or root saw. Once we eradicate the area of all roots, we may opt to install pipe lining to your whole system so the chances of tree root regrowth is minimized. Also, while we’re down there checking out the situation, we can also replace sections of your piping that is old and degrading.


As always, if you suspect that any kind of tree root is growing in your sewer system, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Home Angels.

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