Leak Detection – A Mitigation Strategy

Water is guaranteed to find its way into or out of any opening in your home, or plumbing system. Leak detection is the process of using different tools to determine the source of where water may be coming into your home, or out of a pipe. Did you know that on average a home loses 14% of its water to leaks which amounts to about 22 gallons of waste per day. Or that property damage resulting from water due to plumbing failures is the second most common insurance claim averaging to about 10 billion a year or 23% of homeowners property losses. Leaks can cause high humidity conditions which also creates the perfect environment for mold growth.  Leak detection is part of a mitigation strategy to severely cut down on property damage and unexpected cost. Whether it’s plumbing, roof, pool, or unknown we have the equipment and knowhow to test for, and diagnose a leaks source, and how it can be repaired.

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