Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration

When the smoke clears, only 25% of the total damage to your home has been done. Smoke damage produces ash that will corrode, etch and discolor remaining building materials and smoke damaged contents. Home Angels will put you in the clear.

Why Call Home Angels?


Wingmen address any structural fire damage to your home

Smoke Mitigation

We eradicate any health concerns, such as toxic chemicals in soot from smoke in a fire damaged home


Save money by restoring smoke damaged building elements in a timely manner instead of replacing them


Home Angel’s smoke restoration services decrease your time out of your home with timely salvaging of smoke damaged items


Insurance companies endorse reducing overall fire damage restoration costs by salvaging as much of the property as possible


Your Home Wingmen are also experts at removing any lingering smoke odors from your home

Smoke damage questions? Call an Angel!