There is no way to unlock a locked iOS device without wiping the owner’s data, files and information. You can use a Mac or PC to be able to carry out the factory reset of your tablet. If your iMac or Macbook is running macOS Catalina or later you will use the Finder application. The built-in “Settings” app has a reset option that helps you to reset many settings on your phone. You can use this option to reset your iPad’s settings, remove network settings, reset your location settings, among a few other options. There is even an option for factory resetting your iPad and that is what you should use to reset your device. ITunes has a built-in feature that lets you clean install a version of the iOS operating system.

However, there are some reasons to disable it permanently. If you intentionally download something, that content cannot be protected.

  • Click on “Extensions” and remove “Incognito Search”, as well as all other recently installed browser plug-ins.
  • Once you understand exactly what these modes do in your browser, you’ll know when they can be most useful.
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button to download the installation file for GeForce Experience.

It’s also ​​the only way to access .onion sites on the dark web. That’s because using a VPN establishes a secure, encrypted connection between your device and the VPN server. Your ISP won’t be able to decipher any of your traffic, even as it passes right through their servers.

How to turn off Incognito Private Mode on iPhone

That or running Windows Server which has all of these annoyances cut out by default. Without Windows store you won’t be able to use Edge or MR but then again if you never used those things to begin with then nothing to worry about. Don’t know the version etc. in the name of the app? In this example we remove XboxApp, WindowsStore, Solitaire, and Bing bloatware. Microsoft’s operating systems already include a number of fonts.

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The entry shouldn’t show up in your address bar again. Then, you can tap the Overlapping square icon located at the bottom right. This will open a new window which is a private window. Next to this, you can tap on three horizontal dots to view More options. Click the downloaded file, and follow the instructions to install Brave. Select a time range and the history you want to delete. Note that on the Search history page you can also customize privacy settings by clicking Privacy matters.

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Flexibility – the apps can be added back or additional apps can be removed easily. This will launch Windows Store with a cleared cache. You can check if Solitaire error goes away after doing this. This is everything you love about solitaire. The card action and sounds are great; the graphics look good; it’s a good solitaire experience. And when there are no remaining moves possible, the app should know that, and not make me ask for hint after hint just to verify that fact.