How do I lower my Homeowners Insurance?

Seven tips for reducing homeowners insurance premiums today!

Written by: Sean Weiler, Rothrock & Associates 

  1. Work with a local knowledgeable agent who knows the market and carriers.
  2. Work with carriers who have experience and financial backing. This information can be found on and Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.
  3. Depending on your homes age, having inspections like a 4 Point and Wind Mitigation’s can significantly lower your insurance premium.
  4. Having a pride of ownership and maintaining your property will, as a whole, keep insurance premiums down. Proper maintenance of your roof, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and appliances can save you and carries big dollars down the road.  If insurance carriers pay out less we see consistent and/or lower premiums.
  5. Having a monitored burglar and/or fire alarm system that’s centrally monitored will decrease your premium.
  6. Have your policy reviewed periodically and inform your agent if upgrades or additions have been added to the property.
  7. Be aware of the different coverages and what they cover on your policy. Certain missing coverages can cost you hundreds if not thousands when a claim is filed. Have the conversation with your agent and become an educated consumer.

Here’s my motto: “The bitterness of no coverage is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. 

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