Is My Air Conditioner Or Ducts Causing Me To Feel Sick?

Experiencing health problems or mold growth from AC systems can be very frustrating & costly. Understand the risks and how to avoid them.

Your air conditioning system may be posing an unhealthy respiratory issue for you and your family. There are two main reasons your AC system can cause these indoor air quality issues. Most homeowners are unaware that their air conditioning system dehumidifies their home as well as keeping it cool. Homeowner’s also don’t typically know that it can also rapidly elevate the humidity level in the home. If you ever see any mold growth or mildew smell on the furniture or clothing inside your home, then your health is potentially at risk, and chances are that it’s your air conditioning system causing the unhealthy environment.

First thing, make sure that your thermostat on your AC system, is always on ‘FAN AUTO’, not the ‘FAN ON’ mode. When the AC system is placed on ‘FAN ON’ you are telling it to continually run without the air handler simultaneously running. Therefore you are constantly pulling in outside humid air that is not getting dehumidified, which is  basically equivalent to installing a mister inside your home.

The second issue to be cautious of is that your AC system is not oversized for the square footage of your home. You may be thinking more power is alway better, but is this case it is unfortunately not. Because the oversized system is so efficient on getting your home cooled down quickly, your system never runs long enough to dehumidify the air. Again, creating a tropical rain forest environment inside your property, which will undoubtedly lead to mold and bacteria growth. You know if your system is oversized by noticing two key things; you start to see condensation build up around your registers, and/or if you notice your AC system runs for only about 10 minutes and then shuts down. If you don’t see either of these causes and you still think you have an issue, then you can always contact an air quality hygienist to draw up a conclusion. We hope this info can help save you thousands in damages, and again thank you for joining us on another edition of Whiteboard Wednesday!

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