Discussing Mold Prevention on NBC’s Show “The List”

Mold is a frequent problem in  South Florida because of how high our humidity naturally is. Here are 3 simple steps to prevent its growth inside your home.


  1. Stop water source
  2. Dry out the area
  3. Act quickly

Interview Transcribed

Teresa Strasser (The List): Hey, everyone, I’m Teresa Strasser, and this is The List. We have an exclusive look at “an experiment with mold.”

Teresa Strasser (The List): As the humidity cranks up, mold is becoming more of a problem for South Florida homeowners.

Nick (Home Angels): In Florida, we always have the right climate, and in building materials, you always have a food source.

Teresa Strasser (The List):: The Wellington family noticed mold growing under their kitchen sink and called Home Angels. They say the first step is stopping the water source, in this case, the garbage disposal, then dry the area out. Dehumidifiers are helpful, but most of all, act quickly.

Nick (Home Angels): It can cause a bigger issue inside the home where it can result in thousands and thousands of dollars in damage.

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