How to Dry Your Carpet After a House Flood

A lot of people assume their carpeting is as good as gone after experiencing a flood in the home. With water damage being one of the leading disasters affecting a lot of Americans today, this is a situation a lot of people are faced with on a monthly basis. The good news is: carpets don’t have to be trashed after a clean source flood.  Clean source is water that comes from a potable source, floods that are a result of rising water is Category 3 and all porous materials need to be discarded. Though not all areas may be savable, many times after taking the right preventative measures, carpets can come back to life.

Here are a few tips for drying out your carpet after flooding:

Water Removal

The obvious start of the carpet drying process, if you come home to water in your home, call an emergency water removal specialist as fast as possible. The quicker you can remove the water from your home, the more likely you’ll be able to save the carpet and prevent mold growth.


After the water has been removed, place as many fans as possible in the room blowing air on full speed. It’s amazing what fans can do when left on for a few days in a contained area.


There are humidifiers, and there are dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers were made for situations just like these ones, designed to pull all moisture out of a room. Close any doors and windows you can to ensure they are working their magic on specifically the carpeting in the afflicted room.

Steam Clean

It’s always good practice to call on professionals for big fixes like this one. Steam cleaners can give the carpets a good thorough clean and drying with powerful machines.


Wet carpets are an easy way to help mold formation in your home. In order to keep the spore spread at bay, sanitize the walls and baseboards in the flood area. This sanitization prevention will help slow the process of mold development.

Check Furniture

Some furniture is spongier in nature than other pieces, acting as an absorbent item during the flood. If you think you’re effectively drying the carpets, but your couch is still soaked, it’s going to prevent the room from drying out. Assess if it’s time to throw out that piece of furniture.

As always, don’t be afraid to call us for assistance if you’re unsure of what to do after a flood.