10 Key Benefits For Hiring A Licensed Mold Remediation Expert

Hiring a mold remediation specialist is critical to returning your home to a safe environment why the protection of a licensed contractor is in your families best interest.

  1. A Mold Remediation Contractor has certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, which set the industry guidelines, and are earned through vigorous testing and on the job training
  2. We are required by the State of Florida to carry Adequate Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance
  3. We carry Pollution Liability Insurance, which covers the actual technician if he/she becomes injured during mold remediation work, which normal workers compensation does not cover
  4. Licensed mold remediation company is able to obtain a Bond for a project
  5. We always use proper Personal Protective Equipment
  6. We always hire an Independent Industrial Hygienist, eliminating any conflict of interest
  7. Proper Containment, with out it property owned run the risk of other areas of the home becoming contaminated with destructive mold growth
  8. Use approved EPA Mold Removal & Disposal Guidelines
  9. Member of the Better Business Bureau
  10.  Customer Testimonials, a homeowner can request or research reviews on websites such as Angies List