Let’s face it; of all the public services we can hire, contractors are arguably some of the hardest to trust because it’s very easy to pose as an expert yet know very little about your supposed craft.

As a result, running into a shady or clueless contractor is far too common and it’s up to us to ensure we hire the perfect contractor for our needs. So to help you out, we’ve put together 12 steps that will help you find the perfect plumber.

  • 1. Ask yourself why you need to hire a plumber in the first place

    Is it to fix a low-pressure issue? To fix a broken pipe? To clear up flooding in your home? Whatever you need the plumber for, make sure you’re able to put it into words so that the plumber can understand you more easily.

  • 2. Take a look at your financial situation and consider your budget

    Plumbers don’t work for free, so make sure you take a look at your financial situation and consider your budget before you start looking for services to contact.

  • 3. With a budget and reason to hire a plumber, it’s time to start searching

    Now you can start searching for a plumber within your price range.

  • 4. Before you contact any service, look up if they have the right license and certifications

    Always look for certifications on the website. If they don’t possess the right qualifications, they’re operating illegally and you should avoid them.

  • 5. Look for online reviews of the service to get a better idea of their reputation

    The internet is a great place to look for reviews, but don’t just look at the star rating. Read each review to get a good idea of why the business has been rated low.

  • 6. Alternatively, you could skip step 4 and 5 and ask your friends for a referral

    If you have friends that know plumbers or have had experience with them, consider asking them for a referral. Make sure you ask a couple of questions to get a better idea of why they recommend that service.

  • 7. You may also want to consider asking your landlord or other businesses for a referral

    Contractors are usually friends with other contractors in different fields because it can be good for business. If you know someone in the industry or have a local business that you can trust, consider asking them for a referral too.

  • 8. Once you’re satisfied, it’s time to phone the plumber and ask questions

    Once you’ve created a shortlist of plumbers it’s time to phone them and get in touch to ask a couple of questions. You can usually find their number on their “contact us” page on the internet, but you may need to just phone whatever number you’ve been given if you were referred.

  • 9. Always look for flat fixed quotes instead of flexible pricing

    First, always look for flat fixed quotes that are clear and transparent. If the plumbing service is trying to hide something then they’re not good for business and you’re better off avoiding them. They likely use flexible fees or poor estimates which could result in you paying more than you’d expect.

  • 10. Make sure they have some form of guarantee in case your job goes terribly

    Always make sure the company offers some kind of guarantee in the event the entire job goes horribly wrong and you’re left with a flooded home or several burst pipes due to the contractor’s incompetence.

  • 11. Check that they’ve been in business for a long time

    Ask them how long they’ve been in the business or check their “about us” page on their website. You should always trust a plumber that has a consistent track record of quality service as opposed to a service with a single 5-star review.

  • 12. If something strikes you as off about the business, leave them and find another

    Finding the perfect plumber means finding a plumber that can actually help you in the long term, not just for a single job. Developing a professional relationship with your plumber can be advantageous, so if anything strikes you as odd or rude about the plumber over the phone, ignore them and choose another business.