How to Deal with Hot Water Heater Leaks

Hot water heaters are reservoirs of water that use a heating element to keep the water inside at a hot temperature so that it’s always available for use. They may be powered by gas, electricity, or oil and rarely require routine maintenance.

Unfortunately, hot water heaters are usually hidden away in closets and are often overlooked by homeowners. A small leak in a water heater’s system can quickly cause substantial destruction if not resolved immediately. Complete water heater failure often results in a very large flood due to the sheer volume of water held in the reservoir at any given time.

Inspect your hot water heater regularly to detect any leaks before they become a major problem. If you do find a leak inside your hot water heating unit, follow these steps to safely resolve the issue.

Locating the Leak

Discovering a pool of water below or around a hot water heater is often the first sign that there is a leak. Carefully examine the heater and its fixtures for any obvious indicators of a leak.

If you don’t see a conspicuous source of the leaking water on either the water heater or its plumbing, clean up the water and lay cloth or paper towels down. Keep an eye on it to see if the moisture returns. If you find more water in the same place the following day, continue your inspection with the following steps.

Water Heater Leak Inspection:

1. Flip off the power source for the water heater at the breaker panel.
2. Turn off the water source.
3. Diagnose the leak.

There are a few areas that are common sources of water heater leakage. Make sure to check:

  • The cold water inlet and the hot water outlet connections
  • The temperature and pressure relief valve (also called T&P valve)
  • The water heater drain valve
  • The bottom of the hot water tank

Once you’ve determined that there is a leak in your hot water heater, you’ll need to either fix or replace it. In both cases, we highly recommend that you call a qualified local plumber like Home Angels to deal with the problem.

Improper repairs or the removal of a water heater may trigger leaks to worsen or even cause a flood, resulting in a much more serious problem. A professional plumber will always be able to take care of any complications associated with hot water heater repairs.

Our qualified plumbing technicians will come to your home any time, day or night, to take professional care of your leaking hot water heater, and any other severe plumbing problems or water damage caused by it.