How Finding Leaks Early On Won’t Drain Your Wallet

Learn why leak detection services performed earlier rather than later will save you thousands in costly repairs to your home or property.

Home Angels can save you thousands of dollars by preventing costly damage and rising water bills by detecting leaks in your home early, before they turn into major problems. Our professionals use the latest and best techniques to identify the source of even the smallest leaks in order to stop the problem before it escalates.

However, many homeowners are not even aware they have a leak until the resulting water damage occurs. Things like bubbling in laminate floors, recurring wet spots on carpet or tile floors, continuous dripping or puddles under hot water heaters are all symptoms of household water leaks. When these type of leak caused events are discovered, it is still in the home owners best interest to call in a leak detection expert right away. Finding the source of the leak is sometimes the hardest part, and a DIY approach to leak detection can severely back fire if the home owner decides to tear up walls or flooring when specialty tools could be used by experts instead.

But saving money on the initial leak detection process is really just the beginning. When a home water leak has already begun to cause damage to your house, Home Angels goes above and beyond to save you both time and money during the restoration process. Home Angels uses the most powerful equipment on the market to extract water from your home. Our dehumidifiers can pull moisture at high temperatures, so we can heat up a home increasing the rate of evaporation out of the building materials, thus speeding up the dry time. Using a high temperature drying process allows us to dry things in place where most restoration companies tear a lot of the home out, we significantly minimize the repair costs. And Home Angels bills clients based on equipment and time on the job. So all of our professionals understand vapor pressure differential and that knowledge allows us to dry out a home using heat, safely. This minimizes both the amount of labor and equipment time on a job.

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