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Keep your garbage disposal working and that nasty smell out of your kitchen. Call Today!

Smelly garbage disposal?


– Eve R.

Always fresh and clean

The Meat of the Problem

Your leftovers are most likely to culprit of your kitchen garbage disposal back-up. We have the tools to get them out fast.

What’s that Smell?

When your nose twitches as you get closer to your sink and you can’t figure out where that awful smell is coming from, it’s usually a clog in your garbage disposal.

An Easy Fix

Garbage disposals can be irritating to a sensitive nose, but the fix doesn’t take long. We’ll be in and out of your home before dinner is on the table.


Our biggest reward is a happy customer telling their neighbors about us. We’re also really proud of our recognition for superior service.

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What you should know about maintaining your garbage disposal

  • We’re all guilty of it. Dinner just got finished, we want to clean up as fast as possible and head into the other room to watch our favorite show. Instead of dumping our plate’s leftover food into the trash can, we head straight for the sink and scrape our food down the drain. We think it’s gone forever. The problem? That food is landing in your garbage disposal and, over time, can’t handle the massive amounts particles that you toss in it. Grease, fats, seeds, meats and bones end up lying dormant and causing problems.
  • It’s just a matter of time before the gunk builds up and the garbage disposal can’t properly do its job. Clogs are formed and you experience a backup of crushed food and nasty water in your sink. Avoiding these back-ups is simple. Make it a point to dispose of your leftovers after mealtime into the trash can, rather than the sink. Also, schedule a time for one of our Home Angels to come to your home and perform a maintenance check on the garbage disposal. Your sink will always be in tip-top shape and you’ll be thankful when you don’t have reoccuring garbage disposal issues. This also means more money stays in your pocket.
  • Sometimes even worse than the backup of food is the smell that permeates our kitchens when our garbage disposal has a blockage. We try all kinds of home remedies to get rid of the stench, but nothing seems to consistently work. A lemon here and baking soda there is just a temporary fix. The smell will come back unless you take action and repair the problem at its source. You’ll need is a licensed plumber to take a look at your garbage disposal and remove the clog. This can be accomplished in no time.

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