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“Home Angels completed my mold remediation and post-remediation drywall replacement project with the utmost professionalism. The job was completed on time and within budget. I couldn’t have asked for a better contractor to undertake this project.”

– Peter G.

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What you should know about mold removal
in your Delray Beach home

  • When you suspect mold in your home, it’s time to take action. Give our Home Angels’ experts a call. We’ll come to your home, test and confirm your mold situation, and develop a plan with you. While sometimes mold removal is necessary, other times it is safe to leave alone. We’ll discuss what’s best for your home and get to work fast.
  • Mold doesn’t have to be a nerve wracking word when you hear it. There’s actually mold all over the place and while some could cause risk factors to your health, others are harmless. There are over 10,000 different types of mold to contend with and it takes proper testing to determine next steps for each.
  • Sometimes certain kinds of mold can cause health problems, especially for those at a higher risk. Pregnant women, children and the elderly population may experience additional health problems that could be from mold. Also, people with immunocompromising diseases such as HIV and cancer may notice mold-induced symptoms. Those dealing with respiratory issues like asthma and allergies should also pay attention to new symptoms that may occur from exposure to mold. Contact your health provider if you’re concerned about health issues from mold.
  • Once we test to determine if you have mold in your Delray Beach home, and what kind it is, we’ll review your situation with you and work on a plan. Sometimes next steps include removing mold. Should this be the best scenario for your home, Home Angels will clean up the mold and also complete the restoration part of your project. That means you don’t need to hire multiple companies to work in your home. We’re your one-stop shop for mold removal and restoring your home back to normal, quickly and efficiently.

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