4 Guaranteed Steps To Prevent Mold Growth After a Flood

Floods are the leading natural disaster in the United States today. They are unavoidable in many regions of the country, and even if a home is deemed safe from rising riverbeds nearby, it’s not always the case with specific patches of severe weather. Over the past five years, according to the National Flood Insurance Program, the average flood insurance claim keeps increasing due to more severe weather.

If you’re home is one that’s been hit with flood damage, we’re here to provide some constructive steps for cleanup efforts that will prevent mold after it’s all said and done.

  • Survey The Scene

    Once a building is flooded from a river, lake, hurricane, or rainstorm, inspecting and documenting the damage is very important, especially for insurance and tax purposes. Furthermore, surveying the scene helps homeowners to identify how bad the flooding has been and how soon they should call mold remediation specialists once the water has been removed.

  • Get The Water Out

    The quicker you can remove the water from your home, the better. The longer it remains stagnant in your dwelling, the more likely its contributing to mold development and growth. Be sure to extract the water with a pump or wet vacuum from slabs, basements, crawl spaces, heating systems, and any other place it could be pooling. Please don’t attempt this without professional assistance.

  • Dry It Quickly

    Once the water has been removed, you need to try and dry the contained area as quickly as possible. Mold spores are everywhere, and it is impossible to removal all spores and potential contaminants. Spores need moisture to grow. Remove the moisture with fans, hot air sources, and serious professional support to ensure every nook and cranny is being assessed.

  • Keep It Dry

    Ensure your home stays dry after you’ve had professionals treat it following the flood. Flooding can take a serious toll on a home for days after it has infiltrated the area. Once you’ve had professionals come in and fix it, be extra careful to keep everything as dry and free of moisture as possible.

Flooding is a natural phenomenon we can’t always avoid. Don’t panic, with mold remediation specialists, you can keep your home protected.