Why Your Toilet Is Running And How To Stop It

How to fix a running toilet – 6 ways to get your toilet working again

It always seems to really bother you at the most inconvenient times, your toilet never stops running. Like the middle of the night. You wake up to this bothersome sound of a toilet noise running in your bathroom. You don’t want to get out of bed, therefore you lay down there for 5 minutes pondering, “it usually doesn’t take this long to quit”. What is causing this to occur?

Your lavatory typically is running for 6 different reasons:

  1. The flapper chain is tangled and won’t close up all the way up.
  2. The flapper is not sealing
  3. The water tank is not filling up, resulting in it to continuously trying to refill.
  4. Your float ball is leaking and water is getting into it which doesn’t allow it to elevate enough to shut off the water from filling the tank.
  5. The incoming water pipe valve is not completely opened so not enough water is flowing into the tank, or it is not coming in fast enough to stop the tank from constantly filling.
  6. Occasionally the re-fill assemblies just need to be changed.

Toilets operate with very simple mechanics but are heavily burdened, and very essential to our modern day living. To keep them working correctly spend some time to learn the different parts of a lavatory and what the parts do to aid the flushing procedure. You can read a great post about operating toilets and uncomplicated repairs in this article: http://www.wikihow.com/Resolve-a-Jogging-Potty.

However, sometimes things can get complicated. The complete re-fill control device requires replacement or one of the flushing mechanism parts is cracked or leaking from your tank and is causing harm to your bathroom or bathroom floor. When you can’t remedy your consistently running toilet problem with the simple suggestions stated above, then it is time to contact Home Angels.

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